Hurray the holidays are here, and you've been eating all that delicious home cooked meals and drinks, well the new year will soon be upon us, and you might have put on a few pounds like myself, from eating all those delicious meals.  Well there's nothing wrong with that, but if you plan on getting those pounds off, or starting a new exercise program for the new year, why not do it in style, you might as well look good while working working off those pounds in, our Say Word Apparel NYC Nope  yoga leggings, you see the Nope is not a negative, it simply means nope your never gonna stop, nope your never gonna quit or give up on anything you want to accomplish in life, including getting those extra pounds off!

Our legging are super soft stretchy and comfortable, and you're sure to stand out in your yoga or exercise class, or simply look good just working out in your own living room, so pick up a pair today, I know you'll  look awesome!!


                                                            Photo by: Kwayeralacy


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